Mostly wonderful wildlife

Yesterday morning I was working on the plot when I stopped to watch a parakeet on the nut bird feeder for at least several minutes. My hands were dirty and the camera was in the shed so I just stood and watched it peck at the nuts then look round, which it keep doing upright, sideways and even upside down. I was no more than 15 feet away and this colourful bird stayed on the feeder for far longer than any other bird I’ve seen previously. Also whilst plotting a young fox, not this one, sauntered across the plot even pausing to stop and exchange looks with me!

After Saturday it was good to see that Daffy had a really good Sunday morning watching the wonderful wildlife in her garden.

Thanks to NiC, over on his ever excellent London Daily Nature Photo, for the link to Nature Blog Network. I’ve only has a quick look at this but there appears to be lots of wonderful wildlife blogs listed.

As you will have guessed there’s nothing new of note on TV next week except Natural World’s Clever Monkeys on BBC2 Tuesday at 8.00pm in which David Attenborough narrates an entertaining romp through the world of monkeys.

A comment appeared on my blog yesterday from Meeeeeeeeeee who some of you will remember as Fraggle from elsewhere but stopped blogging for a while. It’s good to see her back, andΒ  why not stop by her blog to say hello!

Over on Looking skyward I’m continuing to do a post a day all this month.

Have a good weekend!


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14 Responses to Mostly wonderful wildlife

  1. meeeeeeeeeee says:

    Isaac is learning about nature,he has got his green star award from ceebeebies childrens channel,by helping tidy garden x

  2. nikkipolani says:

    How lovely that you got to see some wildlife a little closer than your television! Sometimes I regret not having my camera closer at hand, but there’s something nice about just enjoying the moment and not missing anything while I fuss with the camera.

    Yes, isn’t it nice to reconnect with Fraggle? I can’t call her anything else πŸ˜‰

  3. Liv says:

    For a split second I thought, “How does one plot a young fox?” πŸ˜‰

    Then I wondered, “What does it feel like to lock eyes with such a wild creature?”


  4. daffy says:

    What a super entry of smile-makers and just what we need before the snow comes! Oh I know, I’m such a drama queen!
    I’m still on the lookout for a Geordie parakeet!
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Flighty says:

    Meeeeeeeeeee it’s great that young children learn, and help, like that!
    Well done to both of you! xx

  6. Flighty says:

    Nikki it’s much better in real life!
    I do so agree with what you say! xx
    Yes it’s always good to ‘see’ old blog friends again!

  7. Flighty says:

    Liv it was a real real stop and stare moment! xx

  8. Flighty says:

    Daffy thanks! The forecast here for Sunday is cold and sleet! I know how much you don’t like snow so take care and stay warm!
    I’m sure that you will one day!
    Thanks, you too. xx

  9. Louise says:

    How fantastic to see the parakeet on your feeder, what a spectacle, I hope it returns. Foxes used to visit our garden as we have banks, where they would attempt to tunnel. I haven’t seen one for a good few years now, we did try to discourage them, as they were becoming a bit of a nuisance in the borders and beds. I do love to see them in the countryside where they truly belong. x

  10. Flighty says:

    Louise it did return and there’ll be an even better photo in my entry on Sunday! It’s good to see the foxes but I’m not sure how many there are here. xx

  11. ip says:

    The weather today was the first flake of snow, so out with the peanuts etc, with a view to watching the birds coming and going…..I swear I was only away about 15 minutes, and when I came back the food had all gone…so they must have been desperate!

  12. Flighty says:

    IP it was just cold and windy here! Same here with the bird feeders as I’ll no doubt see tomorrow when I go and refill them. Cheers!

  13. daffy says:

    It’s snowing! It’s snowing! It’s snowing!
    *runs off to find snow chains for car tyres*

  14. Flighty says:

    Daffy it’s cold, dark and snowing here as well! It’s only a light dusting settling on the cars and roofs.
    Have a good day and stay warm! xx

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