Busy for a change!

Despite the weather being overcast, breezy and trying to drizzle on both Wednesday and Thursday I went plotting and was actually busy for a change!

On Wednesday I cut down the Comfrey, chopped it up and added it to both compost heaps where it will gradually work it’s magic. The plants will soon start to grow back and next year the flowers will again provide a feast for the bees, and other insects, before I start the cycle all over again.

A week or two back Joe’s brother-in-law, who has a half plot like me, kindly gave me a lot of Crocosmia that he’d dug up at home. I divided it up and planted it in a couple of places. I still know it by the old name Montbresia, which is what mum used to call it.

Last Sunday plot neighbour Graham mentioned that he was digging up a lot of well established Daffodils on his plot and to help myself if I wanted any. I forgot on Wednesday but John reminded me as I was packing up so that’s what I did on Thursday. I dug up five large clumps that I replanted around the plot. They, along with the ones already there, should provide some much welcome colour in the spring.  I also planted a packet of  941 that I’d been given. These are mini ones that only grow about 8″ tall.

I’ve been pondering on what vegetables to grow next year. On Thursday evening I placed an on-line order with MoreVeg, which does realistic quantities at affordable prices, and was recommended to me. I received an email on Friday that my order was in the post!  I’ll do an entry on what I’ve bought another time.

Happy gardening!


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20 Responses to Busy for a change!

  1. Chippy says:

    Still waiting for some reasonble weather to get my little bit of greenery tidied up for winter….. if only it would stop raining!

  2. Flighty says:

    Chippy if only…! This morning it was very soggy underfoot and pointless trying to do anything except top the feeders up and take a few photos. Cheers!

  3. Chippy says:

    Not much better here Mike, its just started raining yet again, gonna top my feeders up tomorrow, birds are getting through peanuts and fat balls real quick!!

  4. Louise says:

    Thanks for the tip on More Veg, with all the surfing I do on this PC, I haven’t ever stumbled across this website. I will peruse at my leisure. I managed some gardening today, I put my dahlias to bed for the winter! I have more crocosmia then I can handle, I must thin the bulbs out, another job! x

  5. daffy says:

    Well I can’t believe the crappy weather we are having this weekend, it’s rained allllll weekend. I did brave the elements to fill the feeders though. It’s like feeding central here!

  6. Flighty says:

    Chippy it started bright and cold here and ended wet! Same here, it’s that time of year. Cheers!

  7. Flighty says:

    Louise a friend who grows everything in containers recommended them for anyone wanting small quantities, and orders over £5 are post free!
    Good for you! I know the crocosmia can be a bit invasive if left alone.
    There’s always something to do, even at this time of year. xx

  8. Flighty says:

    Daffy I’m sorry to hear that! It’s not been quite that bad here thankfully.
    Me too, and they’re just as bad down here. I saw a Jay fly low across the allotments this morning , which is a first. xx

  9. nikkipolani says:

    One of you must have sent me some rain! I was awakened very early Sunday morning (around 1:30am) to pounding rain. It only lasted a short time, but was enough to water the entire garden. Flighty, I’m getting ready to do some more fall clean up as well. Since my wrist is nearly 100%, I’m hoping to start dividing up a few perennials. Rose digging won’t commence until the January pruning.

  10. daffy says:

    hehe Flighty I see them all the time! *laughs*
    :o) (You know that don’t you!)

  11. Glo says:

    Sounds like a productive time! Your mini daffodils will be just the right height for Frog to have a sniffy whiff, I think, if he stands on his webby tippy toes.

  12. Flighty says:

    Nikki would you like some more? It was a very wet day here yesterday, but thankfully the rest of the week is looking better.
    It’s good to know that your wrist is better. It sounds like you’re going to be busy in the garden but do take it easy when digging! xx

  13. Flighty says:

    Daffy I know you do you lucky so-and-so! How about swapping some for a few magpies? xx

  14. Flighty says:

    Glo as it’s now so soggy again I’m thankful that I got the chance to do what I did!
    I like mini-daffs and I’m sure Frog will too! xx

  15. Olivia says:

    I thought you were always busy! But it’s like when people think I am always travelling or out doing exciting things. I am not. But they think I am. So I guess you have your quiet days too 🙂

    Hope the sun comes back out soon.

  16. Flighty says:

    Liv I like to think that I am! The truth is as you say, and yes I have plenty of quiet days.
    I’m glad to say the sun is back, and it’s looking good for the next few days at least! xx

  17. VP says:

    Oohh busy busy busy eh!

    I’m being put to shame!

  18. Flighty says:

    VP I’m not that busy really!
    Looking at your blog and seeing what you’re doing I don’t think that you are! xx

  19. Flighty, your plot doings sound very nice. I can already imagine your garden in springtime. You may not be all that busy now but you will be!

  20. Flighty says:

    Beginninghere it was good to do it!
    Hopefully with some good weather and more time than I had this year it will be a real picture! xx

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