Plot plants ~ Annual Mallow

The Annual Mallow (Malope trifida) is described in Chiltern Seeds catalogue as a beautiful hardy annual and an old cottage garden favourite.

I bought a packet of Grandiflora Choice Mixed which flowered in shades of crimson (above), some rose  and a few white

They made a nice splash of colour from early August through to last week, and I shall grow them again next year.


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18 Responses to Plot plants ~ Annual Mallow

  1. nikkipolani says:

    Absolutely stunning shot of that mallow, Flighty. Almost looks like they have green centres when it’s actually their leaves showing through. Will they reseed themselves or will you have to plant anew?

  2. Flighty says:

    Nikki thanks! Yes it does, and it’s such a vibrant, almost lime, green isn’t it.
    They do self-seed, but I also picked some seed heads as well this morning so I’m covered both ways! xx

  3. Glo says:

    What a striking photo of the mallow! Thanks Nikki for mentioning about the green leaves because I wasn’t aware that they were showing through! I can see why you’d like to have these lovely flowers next year as well, Flighty.

  4. Flighty says:

    Glo thanks! I’ve seen them before so I knew that otherwise I’m sure that I wouldn’t have!
    I’d like more rose and white ones next year! xx

  5. daffy says:

    The mallow is taking a while to load up so I’ll go back and have a look in a second!
    Lovely splash of colour there though Flighty!
    ooooooh pretty! Have you captured a little insect there too!

  6. Flighty says:

    Daffy I thought for a minute there you were talking about a marshmallow!
    It’s a real pretty flower isn’t it. I have! xx

  7. daffy says:

    *drools* marshmallows… pink ones….toasted. Yummy!

  8. Flighty says:

    Daffy here you are…
    Marshmallows are on the left under Old Fashioned Sweets! xx

  9. Great pics of gorgeous flowers Flighty. I had a few mallows in my garden too this year and i plan to have them next year too. No sensible gardener could/would do without them. 😉

    cheerio, xx

  10. midwifemuse says:

    Mine self-seed but will vary their colour, usually reverting to the pink. They look really similar to the lavatera.

  11. Blueandtigger says:

    Wow. Great picture. The color is so vibrant.

  12. Flighty says:

    Yolanda thanks! It’s nice to know that like you I’m a sensible gardener! xx

  13. Flighty says:

    Midwifemuse hello! It’ll be interesting to see if that happens with mine. They do don’t they.
    Take care! xx

  14. Flighty says:

    Blueandtigger many thanks! They’re certainly a stand-out flower. xx

  15. divastar says:

    WOW! They are some breathtakingly beautiful blooms! :o) xxx

  16. Flighty says:

    Diva thanks, they are indeed! xx

  17. Liz says:

    Gorgeous pic of the magenta mallow with green contrast.

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