Early March

It’ll be a few weeks before I start planting and sowing many of the flowers, herbs and vegetables on the plot.

Meantime you can see that the herb patch (on the left) and the vegetable area (the square S shape on its side) dscn0046.jpg have been dug over and are now ready. The light coloured area on the right will be the wild flower bed to attract bees, birds and butterflies. In front of the log pile is the globe artichoke which as you can see has now completely flopped. However I’m assured that it will recover, and if not I’ll be given another one!

This plant dscn0048.jpg was one of the few that I kept from when I started. It died right back during the winter but it’s looking good as it begins to grow again.

Nikki will be pleased to learn that the roses are doing well, particularly the Valentine Heart which already has some small leaves on it dscn0049.jpg , and which is the focal point of what will be her corner of the plot.

Just for the record here are a few of my daffodils dscn0047.jpg which are growing in front of one end of the log.

I’ve transplanted the grape vine into a big green square plastic pot which I got for free as it’s slightly damaged. It looks much better than the round black one it replaces. I’m also going to paint that bright green board a darker shade and add a trellis of some kind.

Talking of bees, last Thursday, which was a fairly warm but overcast day, I’m sure that one buzzed past me! I didn’t see it though as I turned the wrong way. I must ask plot neighbour John when I next see him as he has two beehives on his allotment. I remember last summer when I first saw him donning all his special clothing and wondered what he was doing as at that time I didn’t know that he’s a bee keeper.

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20 Responses to Early March

  1. nikkipolani says:

    Oh, how lovely do those daffs look in front of your log! This is the one you got last fall, isn’t it? And the rose is growing beautifully. As you well know, I’m rather partial to rose leaves. Your new green pot looks quite handsome there.

  2. flighty says:

    Nikki hello, yes it is that log. It was your rose leaf photos that prompted me to take this one. The pot will look better once plants in, and around, it have grown.
    The plot is obviously still virtually bare to look at which is why I’ve just mentioned these various things.
    The weather over the next few days looks like being wet and windy so it’s likely that nothing more will get done there until next weekend.

  3. NiC says:

    Fear not the Globe Artichokes will indeed revive themselves…indeed ours are now seemingly invincible and even when we moved them the small bit that got left behind seems to have turned into an even stronger specimen!

    I’ve just finished putting my onions in, for what it’s worth.

  4. flighty says:

    NiC I’m glad to hear it! Fully grown they’re an impressive plant.

    I’m going to have to leave mine for a week or so as the ground will now be far too sticky. Cheers!

  5. VP says:

    Hi Flighty – you’ve been very busy again – puts me to shame!

    We’ve had bumble bees buzzing around for a few weeks now. In fact I though I had 1 in the bedroom last week, but it was buzzing directly outside the window’s airgrill instead!

    Have a great week!

  6. flighty says:

    VP hello! As it was quite nice this morning I did a bit more for an hour or two.
    I’ll have to keep an eye out for any more.
    Thanks you too, although I think that we’re all going to be concerned about the weather for a few days.

  7. Louise says:

    Hi Flighty, thanks for the tour of the plot with photos. Today down here on the coast has been lovely, I think the warmest day of the year so far, lots of sunshine, a few thundery showers and a couple of rainbows. I have managed to get a lot done in the patch, with the help of John. This time of the year in the garden has to be my favourite, I just get so enthused at the sight of re-emerging plant life! Funny you should say about possibly spotting a bee, I had to remove one from my shed today, a honey bee, not a bumble, it did look subdued. I thought I ought to remove it from the shed incase it decides to build a nest in there, that’s if it hasn’t already. I shall have to be aware when I tidy my shed. Don’t forget to ‘batten down the hatches’ tonight, I think it could get very nasty? x

  8. flighty says:

    Louise hello, you’re welcome! I was surprised at just how good a day it’s been considering the forecast.
    I can see how you like this time of year as I’m doing the same looking at new plant life.
    It’s certainly been warm enough for the bees to be around.
    I’m all battened down and hope that the plot, which is rather exposed, doesn’t suffer. xx

  9. daffy says:

    Hark at you!
    Click on the thumbnails for larger images!!! ;o) I’ve just mastered getting the blinking thumbnails in an entry! This is a lovely ‘catch up on your progress’ entry and I am very impressed.
    The daffodils look really great! Lets hope they survive the stormy weather today!
    Oh any chance of a pot of honey from John?

  10. flighty says:

    Daffy believe me when I say I still spend far too much time on the photos!
    It’ll be interesting to look back later on in the year to see how it has all progressed.
    The daffodils, and crocus, were looking a bit sad yesterday so with the rain and wind overnight I’d be surprised if they do.
    When I next see John to chat with I’ll ask him about the honey!
    Have a good week. xx

  11. nikkipolani says:

    Flighty, I also quite enjoy looking at old photos to track progress. Speaking of bees…. I was having dessert on the patio yesterday afternoon and heard the buzzing droning sound of a large group of bees. Couln’t quite pinpoint where they were, but they were quite noisesome. So what do you call them, a herd of bees? A flock? A pack?

  12. flighty says:

    Nikki I find it especially helpful as my memory is not as it once was!
    It’s a swarm, however I like a buzz of bees!

  13. nikkipolani says:

    Yes, of course! Completely slipped my mind. A buzz sounds quite appropriate 🙂

  14. flighty says:

    Nikki I had to look it up as I couldn’t remember either! xx

  15. mylozmom says:

    look at you moving right along with your gardening. I can’t wait to see it all in bloom. Your Daf’s are a stunning yellow and make me smile. And your neighbour is a bee keeper??? Really??? don’t hear of them much anymore do ya?

  16. flighty says:

    Mylozmom lots done and plenty more to do! You, me and everybody else. I think the warm colour of daffodils is one reason why they’re liked so much.
    I don’t see him very often but next time I do I’ll hopefully have a chat to find out more. xx

  17. purplephreak says:

    You always have so many picies on your blog, how do you do it? I just tried uploading one to the storeage bit on mine, and then using the image inserter thingamy that comes up with you click the ‘code’ button, and it was there on the draft but not on the actual post, I’m confused!

  18. flighty says:

    Purplephreak hello! When you’re logged in to your Dashboard click on Support (top right of screen) then click on the category Images/Picture. Hopefully that will help you, if not then email WordPress support who I’ve found to be helpful and respond in a day or so, bearing in mind time differences.
    I’m going to email WordPress to ask why your comments keep being treated as spam. I’ll let you know what they say.

  19. purplephreak says:

    Thanks, I shall give it a try!

  20. flighty says:

    Purplephreak you’re welcome. I still don’t do it right all the time! xx

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