A Smile Award, raspberries and roses

Many thanks to my delightful friend Daffy for not only giving me a Smile Award make-bme-bsmile.jpg
but also making me the top of her list! I’m honoured.

I’ve long said that I intend growing raspberries, which are my favourite soft fruit. My Saturday newspaper had a special reader offer of 3 of 3 each Glen Moy, Glen Ample and Autumn Bliss for a bargain price so I placed my order this morning. Hopefully next year I will be eating my own raspberries from mid-June through to September.

It is also my intention to grow a few roses on Plot 124. After much deliberation, and chatting with a couple of keen rose growers, I’ve placed an order for one of each Iceberg, Pretty Lady and Valentine Heart.

Tomorrow I’ll be thinking about my rosey friend and her lovely cat, and hoping that all goes well.

Lastly if you’re having a fireworks party tonight then enjoy yourselves, but please have a read of TJMum’s entry Guy Fawkes Night for some timely and welcome advice.

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

12 thoughts on “A Smile Award, raspberries and roses”

  1. Well deserved award, Flighty 🙂
    I do hope Mizz Nikki will behave. She was paying too much attention to her tumor last night so I put a large bandaid on it. This morning, she was quite vocal and proud to show me that she managed to get the bandaid off.


  2. :o) *big grin* See! You haven’t said much and I’m smiling! You have a gift my friend.

    Good luck with the raspberries and roses. I have gooseberries in my garden and I’ve not attempted roses… I leave that to the pro’s!
    Thinking of the same rosey friend and cat too! :o)


  3. Daffy I’m always happy to know that you’re smiling!
    Thanks, I’ll forgo the gooseberries as I don’t like them.
    I’m sure that everyone who knows them is today. xx


  4. Flighty… I am STILL picking raspberries over here in Lincs. They are in polytunnels sure, but they are damned hardy. Averaging 200 punnets every three days. Not bad eh?


  5. Flighty, that’s true, but by the end of yesterday I could barely feel my nose I was so cold out on the farm.
    As for roses, I bought a Gertrude Jekyll last year and have been delighted with it. I put it under the window just on the side of my patio where my hammock is (don’t laugh). Double whammy – when laid reading a book in the sunshine, a beeeeeautiful drifting constant scent, and on balmy evenings, window open, the fragrance sidled into the living room. A really old fashioned smell, like the roses in elderly peoples gardens that you used to walk past as a child. I can recommend this bush if you decide to get more.


  6. Pesk I sympathise as it might look nice out in the sun but it has been noticeably colder the past few days.
    That sounds ideal, and is something I’m sure you’ll look forward to doing again next summer.
    I’d love more roses but every time I do a wants list it just gets longer and longer. Anyway I’ll certainly bear that in mind. Thanks.


  7. Hi Flighty! Thanks for your comments in my blog. You are a lovely friend! You made me smile, when you told me you was moving again. Here, in my country, everybody would say you move like a gypsy hehehe. Contrary to many blogger’s behaviour, I don’t like to move. I’m like cats. Could you tell me what’s wrong? Why are many bloggers moving? Am I indiscreet? Shouldn’t I ask it? HUgs, my friend.


  8. Lady-drid hello and welcome! I’m always happy to comment on your blog.
    I suppose that some bloggers like change. For all my moves I don’t! I had technical problems at Platform27, and there wasn’t enough storage space for images. One of my other blogs(!) was already here as were various blog friends. I like the layouts, there are no adverts and lots of image storage so here I am, to stay I hope.
    I’ve always left a forwarding address, and made sure links for all my blog friends are up-to-date, so finding me and keeping in touch hopefully hasn’t been a problem.
    Thanks for the hugs, which are always nice to get! Here’s lots of my hugs in return. Take care xx


  9. Hi Flighty. You will love to have raspberries on your plot, I have had them fruiting for the first time this year and I am still picking them now, in November, and the later ones have almost been the size of loganberries! I remember we had Iceberg in our garden when I was a kid, I have no room for roses in my garden, but my grandparents had a garden full of the old fashioned sorts with lovely heady scents. x


  10. Louise hello! I’m sure that I will. The Iceberg rose doesn’t have much of a scent but the other two I’ve chosen certainly do. I’m eagerly awaiting delivery of both so I can plant them. I’ll then be looking at them for signs of growth every time I go to the plot! Roll on next year. xx


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