Plot progress

I’m still busy on Plot 124, having made the most of the generally fine weather.

Yesterday I did the paths, being wood chippings over trodden down earth. Today I added lots of wheelbarrow loads of compost to all the vegetable areas, and partly elsewhere, which I then raked over.

I’ll do a full progress report entry, with photos, within a couple of weeks when the shed is in situ and a few more features and plants have been added.

I really can’t believe that it’s just four months since I started work on the plot, and I’m well pleased with what I’ve achieved so far. The next four months will be spent just pottering in preparation for next Spring when the real fun begins!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

12 thoughts on “Plot progress”

  1. Hey, Mr F. You are putting me to shame! I haven’t done anything on our allotment except sow some broad beans in seed trays ready to over-winter. Looking forward to seeing your new shed in all its glory.


  2. ..and your progress is well documented here for all to see. You should be very proud of yourself, the work you have done.
    Shedparty coming soon then! Yay… I love a good party, although to be honest this will be my first revolving around a shed! ;o)
    Take care


  3. Ellie hello! It’s more a case of keeping up with my plot neighbours who have all been busy recently!
    So am I! Fingers crossed I’ll get it next week and put it up the week after.


  4. Daffy I enjoy doing these Plot 124 entries. You’re right about me being proud of what I’ve done so far.
    The shed party should be in two weeks, or so, hopefully! Let’s hope the weather is fine as it’ll be a bit crowded if we have to stay inside. And you xx


  5. You’ve done great work, Flighty, and I can’t wait to see the results. I remember when you mentioned the dimensions of your plot. I was greeeeen with envy! If I recall, it’s larger than my house and gardens put together!


  6. Nikki thanks! There’s still an awful lot of bare earth but at least I’ve made a start.
    I doubt it as it’s only about 30 by 60 feet, which would make your place tiny indeed! You’ll have to get the tape measure out again.
    Take care, both of of you. xx


  7. That’s funny, I was sure you said it was larger – like 150×80 or some such – but as I can”t find our “conversation” on the subject, I will revise my vision of your plot 🙂 I live on about 70×100 by the way, and though I’d like more space to experiment with other plants, veg gardening, a proper compost heap, etc., it’s about the size I can manage (back garden is about 35×70). Your plot is getting great foundations for sustaining growth!


  8. Nikki hello! I know that I had problems deciding just what size it was when I started and may have quoted wrong dimensions back then. I see that your back garden is not much bigger than the plot.
    Today I put the pond (an old round green plastic washing up bowl!) in place and planted a Rosemary shrub.


  9. I would love an allotment but have no time to commit to one, I have a very large established garden which takes up much of my spare time, but I do love it, especially when the wildlife moves in too. Your plot sounds very tidy with your beds mulched and composted. Look forward to some pictures sometime soon?


  10. Louise hello! I think that having the time is the most important thing with an allotment. I envy you your very large garden, and I’m not surprised that you love it.
    Pictures of a tidy plot with shed coming soon!


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