This week

I’ve had an unintentional week off from working on Plot 124. I was there Sunday morning for a couple of hours, but spent most of it chatting! Tuesday morning it was pouring with rain and today, when I’m usually not working, I was at the bookshop until after lunch.

After a very misty start it brightened up into a warm, sunny day so I detoured to the site on the way to the shops earlier this afternoon.

Much to my delight the grass I sowed along the verge is now clearly visible, and elsewhere I can see plenty of other tiny seedlings, both flower and vegetable.

I shall be there again on Sunday, after an early lunch, as there is still plenty of digging and weeding to do.

Yesterday evening I missed the first part of The Nature of Britain, which I mentioned last week, but it is being repeated Sunday on BBC2 at 6.10pm, when I shall watch it. 2/8 Farmland Britain is on Wednesday BBC1 at 9.00pm.

Have a good weekend !

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

10 thoughts on “This week”

  1. It’s really good when you see your hard work starting to show signs of growth. The next few days are going to be nice if the forecast is correct so I am sure you will get plenty of your free time the garden in the days to come. I’m pretty sure that I would spend a huge amount of time chatting! It’s my favourite thing to do.
    You have a good weekend too! :o)


  2. Daffy hello! Just as long it wasn’t all weeds I was looking at!
    As you say the forecast is looking good, so hopefully I’ll get a couple of hours work done on Sunday. I hope so as the next couple of weeks will be a bit busy doing other things during the week.
    I’ll tell you who I was chatting to, and what about, when we next chat.
    Thanks, and you! xx


  3. Smiling here – glad to hear the seedlings are starting to show themselves; I echo Daffy’s sentiments – it is good to see the hard work be rewarded.

    Visiting family yesterday and I missed the Nature of Britain yesterday too – although glad to know it is repeated on the weekend; I really should spend a few moments with the VCR instead of hoping I’ll be around on time.

    Have a great weekend


  4. M I was definitely smiling when I saw them! I shall probably be on my knees Sunday taking a closer look, the only problem with that being getting up again!
    Thanks, you too.


  5. I think ‘socialising’ with the neighbours is all part of it Flighty. Helps oil the wheels etc… Nice to see stuff starting to sprout. Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for the Cirque De Soleil link too =;o) most appreciated.


  6. Blue Pixel hello! I agree, and have found the neighbours to be a really nice crowd. It is and I will!
    You’re welcome. I’m always happy to mention such links if I can. Cheers!


  7. smiles – I’m assuming the problems you’re thinking you’ll have getting up, is from enjoying the view of the budding seedlings so much, you’ll not want to leave them 8*)

    Take care of yourself Flighty, enjoy the weekend and the fruits of your labours

    X (here there be good stuff )
    xx (kisses for daffy 8*) )


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