A day late !

For everyone who enjoys wildlife then here are two TV treats for us all.

Saturday sees 100 Years of Wildlife Films on BBC2 at 8.30pm. This two hour documentary has Bill Oddie exploring the changing trends throughout the past century, from shooting animals for fun to saving them from extinction.

A new eight part series The Nature Of Britain starts next Wednesday on BBC1 at 9.00pm with Island Britain. Alan Titchmarsh shows us the wealth of wildlife treasures that the British Isles has to offer.

Have a good weekend !

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

15 thoughts on “A day late !”

  1. Ah, no TV for me this weekend (UK or otherwise). But tonight, I’m playing – an all-Bach piano performance by Angela Hewitt at the Performing Arts Center. Have a lovely weekend!


  2. Sounds wonderful, and much better than watching TV.
    Thanks, you too! The forecast is looking good so I expect to be spending much of Sunday on the plot.


  3. Thank goodness for you, sorting out the forth-coming viewing! :o)
    I can’t believe how lovely the weather is this morning! It’s simply lovely and looks really inviting. Pity I have to wait in for the tyre repair man to fix my husbands tyre. (suprisingly! ;o) whilst he fishes in the sunny Derwent countryside without a care in the world. Enjoy the sunny weekend! xx


  4. That “100 years ..” that sounds really good (is it a repeat? I remember, vaguely, seeing something similarly titled not so long back… I’ll stick it in my viewing diary πŸ™‚

    (daffy – here it’s a bit gloomy 😦 but I’ve chores ‘joy!’ to keep me busy – hoping it picks up so I can have a wander down the canal this evening… been a while since I wrote of my canal wanderings…)

    Oh… hopefully I’ll get to catch the Wednesday “Nature of Britain” – although I’m a bit hopeless at being in the right place at the right time during the week – still – that’s why they invented DVDs (oh… and video recorders – not used mine for so long I think it thinks it’s just a clock πŸ™‚ )

    have a great weekend
    catch you later


  5. laughing here
    sorry – that wasn’t a kiss (although if it were, it would have been for Daffy B*) ) it was just an X… like on a treasure map “here there be good stuff” or something like that…

    Watched a good chunk of the 100 years of wildlife – it was good (only a good chunk because a bit of impromtu PC surgery (a harddrive replacement) left me TV -less ) and that makes sense – about it being on BBC4 – I probably remember seeing the adverts for it….

    The canal walk was good; took it a bit late – hoping for a sunset over the water – but was not to be; still, got a fair few photos – I’ll have to get around to blogging my walks again and sharing some of the sights.

    have a good rest of the weekend
    xxx (for Daffy)


  6. Ah! You two have just made me chuckle. Flighty, don’t worry, I always leave a couple of pecks for you!
    Mas, when I read, “Here there be good stuff” I thought you might like to know I did it with my best pirates accent…. :o)
    xxx(for Flighty) xxx (For Mas)


  7. Daffy hello and thanks! I hope you’re having a nice day. I spent a lazy morning pondering and pottering at the allotment. Not much sun though again. After dinner I shall settle down to read and watch TV. xx


  8. Well I hope you enjoy the relaxing time. I’m about to move away from the pc and curl up on the sofa with a book I think. :o) xx


  9. Smiles towards Daffy – you know – when I wrote “here there be good stuff” I was thinking it in a pirate voice – I think “international pirates day” needs to be a whole week – once I come over all Pugwash, it takes a fair while to get back to the normal-speaking me brain 8*) xxx

    I’ll do a proper canal blog flighty when I remember where I put all the photos I took on the walk (one of the disadvantages of my new phone – too much memory and I go a bit snap-happy!! – they’re on my home-hard drive somewhere I’m sure though) although taken the weekend prior to this past one when I walked the opposite way down the canal and had a bit of a different selection of scenery – on my latest blogger entry there’s a couple of photos intermingled with poetry from this weekend’s walk.

    I’d taken an evening walk – with the idea of capturing the sunset on the canal; but the overcast weather meant that wasn’t to be. Maybe this weekend will be different

    have a good day there
    X (here there be good stuff 8*) )


  10. M despite it raining here all day I’ve had a good day thanks. If it hadn’t been then I would have spent a couple of hours on the plot.
    Thanks for stopping by again, if only to make Daffy chuckle again, which I’m sure you have! Cheers.


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