Fingers crossed!

Last Sunday was a glorious day, being sunny and warm. There had been some rain a couple of days earlier which was just what I wanted.

For the first couple of hours it was just the birds that kept me company whilst I raked over a two foot wide strip alongside the road edge. I then planted plenty of Crocus, and a few Narcissi, bulbs before sowing grass seed over the area.

On an adjacent patch along the eastern edge I sowed some wildflower seed mixture and Nigella love in a mist.

A couple of weeks back a large tree on the main road almost outside the allotment site gates had toppled over. I noticed a log under the branches which I thought would look good on the plot. On my way back from the horticultural society hut I saw that it was still there so I borrowed a wheelbarrow and now have my first plot feature (photo to follow). I’ve planted some Daffodil bulbs that I was kindly given in a clump alongside one end of it and behind it I’ve sowed a packet of Briza maxima seeds.

After a long, leisurely lunch I went back for another couple of hours making the most of the good weather. This time I was pondering and pottering, going for a stroll around the site chatting with some of the neighbours.

Trevor has a plot, at the other end to mine, which is nearer the trees. He was saying that he’s seen a Green Woodpecker, a couple of Greater Spotted ones and two different birds of prey one of which is a Sparrowhawk.

Lorna on the other side of the road was telling me about the resident foxes, including Newton who’s very friendly and tame.

All in all it was a brilliant day and now I’ve got to wait to see how everything I planted and sowed grows…fingers crossed!

Uphilldowndale’s Poetic Discovery entry today reminded me to remind you that Thursday is National Poetry Day with the theme Dreams. I’ve found several wonderful poems which I’ll be sharing with you.

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

10 thoughts on “Fingers crossed!”

  1. We saw a hedgehog in the field last night, the first we have seen in the 15 years we have lived here. You are lucky to spot a sparrow hawk, they move so fast, more of a blur than a bird


  2. Uphilldowndale it’s been a while since I last saw a hedgehog.
    I haven’t spotted the Sparrowhawk yet but now I’m aware it’s around I’ll be keeping an eye out for it!


  3. My garden activity has gone to seed so to speak. the rabbits have moved on, and because we have been so busy of late we haven’t had the time to bird spot as we normally do. Having said that we saw the first rabbit we have seen for a couple of weeks last night, muching grass, much to my husbands satisfaction.
    Well you do seem to be very happy pottering around plot 124. Your neighbours sound lovely and it’s refreshing to read about how you all ‘muck’ in together, sharing and helping.
    We often get a sparrowhawk hanging around here, we always know when he is about as the rest of the birds scarper. Have a lovely rest of the week! xx


  4. Daffy there’s always next year! Luckily we don’t have rabbits on the allotment.
    Yes I am indeed, and as you say the neighbours are a lovely crowd.
    I’ll let you know if I do see it! Thanks, you too! xx


  5. Having a garden or allotment does bring you closer to nature. Isn’t it just wonderful? Since I garden I’m much more aware of the beauty of nature and all the creatures one can find there.
    Monday evening as I was coming home from a lecture on ponds, I almost tripped over a hedgehog near my front door that was eating the catfood that I’d put outside for the stray cat I look after. And it wasn’t even frightened of me because it continued to eat.

    No rabbits here either but we do have slugs and snails!


  6. You’ve got me itching to get back the garden with some planting and digging. I succumbed to someone’s praise of chard and how easy it was to grow that I clickety clicked and a few days later had a heap of seeds. You know, I’m not good with seeds, but they are so tempting and so inexpensive. *sigh*
    But I’m looking forward to your nigella. They go to seed too quickly here, but they are such lovely informal flowers.


  7. Yolanda hello! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    In the few months I’ve had the allotment I’ve found what you say to be so true.
    Sadly it seems that hedgehogs are much less common than they once where. That’s a real shame because they’re gardeners friends.
    Yes we have plenty of unloved, and definitely unwanted, slugs and snails!
    I love reading your blog, with it’s photos, and I’m sure that I’ll be getting inspiration from it in future.
    Happy gardening!


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