When you don’t want it to

it does, and when you do want it to it doesn’t ! It hasn’t rained here to speak of for at least three weeks and I want it to.

I’m waiting to sow some seeds but really want to do so after it’s rained. The weather forecast shows no sign of any so it looks like I may have to resort to borrowing a hose.

[It’s now Monday morning and absolutely pouring down! So much for the forecast!]

Last Sunday was a glorious day. I spent the morning moving six comfrey plants to the far corner of the plot beyond the compost heap. That means that my blackberry now has the area between that and the pallet patio to itself. It has grown noticably over the past two weeks.

Today has been another fine day so this morning I worked along the top, northern edge, alongside the roadway. I intend having a grass verge there along with crocus and dwarf narcissi

Midway along that strip is a Common Hawthorn only a few inches tall which I shall leave for the present and see how it grows.

As I was packing up to come home I heard a gentle rumble in the air and looked up to see this wonderful classic aeroplane turning to land at nearby RAF Northolt.

In the bookshop yesterday I was looking for poems for National Poetry Day and found several gardening ones including this one.

The Vegetable Plot

Remember, remember in dreary September

The fate of the vegetable plot:

Where, all through the season,

For some puzzling reason,

Though weeds have grown, your seeds have not.

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

18 thoughts on “When you don’t want it to”

  1. Way too much rain here this morning. I long for some fresh autumn weather but it seems that I may have to wait a little longer! You have been busy though!

    Garden Magic
    This is the garden’s magic,
    That through the sunny hours
    The gardener who tends it, Himself outgrows his flowers.

    He grows by gift of patience,
    Since he who sows must know
    That only in the Lord’s good time
    Does any seedling grow.

    He learns from buds unfolding,
    From each tight leaf unfurled,
    That his own heart, expanding,
    Is one with all the world.

    He bares his head to sunshine,
    His bending back a sign
    Of grace, and ev’ry shower becomes
    His sacramental wine.

    And when at last his labors
    Bring forth the very stuff
    And substance of all beauty
    This is reward enough.


  2. I may have to revert to Feathers, I’m not answering well to Daffy! ;o)
    The poem is lovely isn’t it, you inspired me with yours you see! Finally stopped raining here and in other news my car is finally going into the body shop tomorrow! YAY xx


  3. The rain is on and off at the moment. I think about when i was a kid and we used to grow veggies for harvest festival (last Sunday). If we had to do that these days there wouldnt be much offering.


  4. I have been trying to grow some herbs but they either dry out in the sun or they get drowned in the rain so have no chance really. lol


  5. Hi Daffy ~~ Thank you for your comments on my blog.
    It is nice to meet you and you are welcome to visit again.
    Glad you liked the jokes etc. Your blog looks interesting
    too. Take care, Cheers, Merle.


  6. Rain is always welcome here – forecasted or not!
    This week promises to be another chock full of stuff to do and I might not have a visit for a while – hope the rain is coming when you need it! Hugs šŸ™‚


  7. Merle Hello! Did you get off at the wrong stop? ;o) However you got here doesn’t matter but you couldn’t have ‘accidently’ landed anywhere nicer. This is Flightys’ place and Flighty is testament to what fruits blogging can provide by way of true friendships. I trust Flighty made you feel at home? My place is very pink at the moment with tales of my dad and my children and general life observations which you are welcome to visit anytime. Hope to see you again soon! :o)
    Thanks Flighty. xx


  8. Like you I was becoming quite concerned about the lack of rain. Today though has been a treat, the garden looks jauntier, the pond is nicely refreshed anfd the water-butts are filling.


  9. Midwifemuse hello! Gardens always tend to look better after it’s rained. I’m planning on having a small pond on the plot, using an old green plastic washing up bowl. Take care.


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