Lucky me !

The good weather continued throughout last week which meant that I was able to prepare an area for sowing some flower seeds and partly prepare a smaller area for some vegetable seeds. That I shall do in the next week or two.

Between the pallet patio and the compost heap are a handful of comfrey plants which I’ve left for the bees to make the most of the flowers.

Today I cut them right back adding it all to the compost heap and hidden away found thisΒ  dscn0182.jpg Lucky me as it’s a blackberry, which along with raspberries, are my favourite soft fruits. It can stay where it is and grow away so that hopefully next year there’ll be plenty of dscn0181.jpg for me to pick and eat.

I was at the Horticultural Society’s hut this morning buying a few things including a packet of Green Manure Winter Tares which I shall sow on the vegetable patch area that I don’t intend cultivating until next spring.

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

8 thoughts on “Lucky me !”

  1. We have been out blackberry picking this after noon, bramble jelly is on the agenda.
    Ahh, comfrey, my dad swore by it; mainly to make it in to wine! it had a very distinctive aroma whilst it was brewing, that permeated the whole house
    Some of its medical uses were some what remarkable unobtainable, it was alleged ‘leaves in the bath water could restore virginity;’ best leave it to the bees and the compost heap I think!


  2. Uphilldowndale have fun making your bramble jelly! My comfrey will be, as you say, for the bees and then the compost heap.


  3. Sounds like it’s all coming on wonderfully Flighty!! I’m particularly intrigued by the Winter Tare you mention, I’ve never heard of such a thing before, sounds really ingenious.


  4. hi flighty, thought i’d drop by, i see you’re gardening.

    comfrey tea, an excellent feed! dump some in water, when ready decant into whatever plastic bottles you have, use diluted.

    wild bramble – watch them, they can get everywhere, especially where you don’t want them!


  5. Claire hello! It’s nice of you to stop by and comment. I am indeed, and thoroughly enjoying myself.
    Your remarks on the comfrey and brambles are noted thanks.
    I do still read your entries but don’t comment as often as I should. Take care.


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