It was two months ago

that I started clearing Plot 124. I’ve worked slowly and steadily a couple of hours two days of each week since then and I’m well pleased with what I’ve done so far.dscn0179.jpg

This photo was taken today from the southern end of the plot looking north. It’s all been forked over once and the top half has been gone over again. To the right you can see the edge of the compost heap and the pallet patio.

The latter looks like this dscn0176.jpg It’s on bricks and you can see that I’ve given it a coat of green wood preserver. It’s 6 by 4 feet which gives plenty of room for the planned shed, which is 3 by 2 feet, and a deckchair.

I’m planning on sowing some flower and a few vegetable seeds sometime soon, planting bulbs and then later on the roses. I’m still thinking about what and where though!

I like this time of year and given good weather can see me continuing to make further good progress.

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

4 thoughts on “It was two months ago”

  1. All that open and unplanted space must give you lots of scope for ideas and dreams, Flighty. Oh, tried to visit you over at P27 but they’re down – hope that’s not been going on too long. Still hot here but finally starting to cool down for the day.


  2. Nikki it’s gone from getting lost in the jungle to feeling very exposed in the wide open spaces! The next milestone will be when I start sowing and planting.


  3. Are you planning any veggies? If you get your hand on any alfalfa meal, that is terrific for growth and for the soil as well.


  4. Nikki I am indeed! Just a few seeds in the next couple of weeks, then plenty more next spring. Thanks I’ll bear that in mind and look out for it.


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