Change and progress

I keep losing track of weeks so I’m stopping doing specific entries titled Week …

As well as week-to-week entries I shall do a round-up one at, or soon after, the end of each month for anything I’ve not mentioned, along with a photo or two showing how it’s coming along.

All the rubbish has now gone, partly cleared by the council and the rest taken by other plot holders for their own use. The pile of weeds has also gone, either burnt or moved to the communal compost heap.

Just about the entire plot has now been forked over once, and perhaps about a third has been worked over a second time.

Following my thoughts mentioned previously I’ve moved the pallet patio to it’s new position. Hopefully tomorrow I shall stand it on bricks and ensure that it’s level. Later on I intend giving it a coat of green wood preserver, which I think will make it blend in with its future surroundings better.

A temporary cardboard walled compost bin will also be erected which will suffice until I can do a timber one.

The forecast is looking ideal for the next few days at least which is good news as it means I can hopefully make further good process.

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

4 thoughts on “Change and progress”

  1. Good work, Flighty! I think I’ve done nothing in my garden this weekend except to inhale the fragrances that avail themselves. This morning, it was the white rose hedge – a light honey scent. Hope your good weather continues!


  2. Nikki thanks. I was there early this morning to put the pallets on bricks and erect the compost bin.
    I hope so too so I can carry on the ‘good work’.


  3. Angelfeet hello! I always planned that it would slowly but surely, so I’m well pleased with the progress so far. I posted some photos when I first started and plan to do some more, hopefully next week.


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