Weeks 6 and 7

were a bit lax with little digging and weeding being done. My excuses include it being too hot, too wet or doing other things!

Having looked through the pile of assorted items that are sitting in the north-west corner of the plot I’ve decided that I can’t use, or don’t need, any of it so the council are going to remove it all. Hopefully that will be on Monday.

Where I’ve started digging over ground that I’ve already forked I’m finding it fairly easy going. Roots, weeds and sundry items, like rusty nails, are being picked up as I go. As yet I’ve found nothing of interest such as any coins.

I’ve had second thoughts about where I’m going to put my pallet patio and sentry box shed. Instead of being in the north-east corner I’m thinking of putting them about a third of the way down the eastern edge.

I’ve been browsing through several of the gardening books on the bookshop shelf and have made a list of annual flowers that can be sown direct onto the ground in the autumn. I shall check these in the seed catalogue* that I received earlier in the week.

I’ve also been looking at floribunda roses, in books and on websites. I particularly like the look of Valentine Heart among the handful that, for me, stand out.

[* I shall be doing a separate entry, hopefully sometime soon, on the joy of looking through a seed catalogue. ]

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

4 thoughts on “Weeks 6 and 7”

  1. Ooo I like that rose, I like smelly roses!
    I like tumbling, rambling roses, I don’t like formal rose beds.
    I have let some of my rose go back to their root stock, I don’t get very good flowers but the pleasure of watching the song thrush, that eats the hips in the autumn is worth the sacrifice


  2. Uphilldowndale it does look very nice! Roses have to smell, as well as look, nice. Like you I don’t like formal rose beds.
    My mother loved roses, as does fellow lawn lounger Nikkipolani, my rosey friend in Southern California.
    Part of Plot 124 will be Nikki’s corner which will include at least one rose, probably this one.


  3. Valentine Heart looks quite lovely. I think those pretty ruffles will grace your plot beautifully. If you ever come across Belinda’s Dream, I highly recommend it. It is a stalwart shrub of about a meter tall and wide that blooms and blooms and blooms. The pink is similar to the floribunda you’ve chosen, perhaps a bit deeper. It’s the shrub you see on my “what I miss” post. I like your new blog surroundings!


  4. Nikki thanks. Your one has been added to the list as well. It certainly sounds, and looks, like a real beauty.
    So do I, it’s very mellow!


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