Too hot !

Last Friday afternoon I went to Plot 124 but really didn’t feel like doing very much.

As the wind was in the right direction, that is away from the the nearby flats, and there was no-one else working on the site I burnt the large pile of weeds that had accumulated since I started. Being dry it burnt well and what was left I can dispose of in one rubbish bag.

When the temperature goes over the low 20sC, especially when it’s humid, then I wilt! Yesterday it was around 30C here in London so I stayed home and continued reading James Fenton’s A Garden from a Hundred Packets of Seed.

This is a small, slim book and to quote the cover is A simple, refreshing way to start a garden from scratch.

The majority of the seeds mentioned are listed in the Chiltern Seeds catalogue. I have ordered a copy and will enjoy looking through it and making up my own list.

The forecast this week is for dry, sunny weather with the temperature in the low 20sC. That means I should be able to get on forking and weeding for a couple of hours on two, or even three, days.

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

8 thoughts on “Too hot !”

  1. I wilt in the sun, if it is too hot I will be found by the pond, under the shade of the oak tree.
    Beware seed catalogues, they are very seductive, especially in the dark winter months!


  2. Uphilldowndale that sounds like the best place to be!
    I know but I can’t wait to start looking through them and making my list!


  3. Nikki I know but since I’m planning on growing mostly annual flowers and some vegetables I really do need to look at various catalogues!


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