Call that a shed !

I reckon that a couple of more weeks will see me finish the initial forking over and weed clearing. I hope so as I now feel that I’ve had enough of doing this!

I mentioned a shed last week, which I’m going to put at the north-east corner which is where the pallets are which are visible in the photo in that entry.

A week or two back I had a look round the site at all the sheds there then spent a couple of hours looking at ones on the web.

Bearing in mind that it’s only a small plot, and I’m somewhat of a minimalist, I’ve settled on a rather small one with a footprint of only 3′ x 2′, so it’s really just a storage unit which I think will be ideal for me. I don’t need it just yet so I’ll wait a couple of months and buy it as a birthday present for myself.

A shed for my 60th…what more could I ask for!

Last week I treated myself to a hand-fork.jpg and hand-trowel.jpg

This morning I was working away when I stopped and looking round saw a fox sitting down no more than ten feet away. Later a handful of chattering magpies strutted their way across the neighbouring plot.


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12 Responses to Call that a shed !

  1. cha0tic says:

    I think you need to make sure there is enough space to store a deck chair in your shed. Plus see if you can pick up a Primus/Calor stove for making tea.

  2. flightbuff says:

    Cha0tic I don’t get on with deckchairs but I have a comfy plastic chair that I shall hang from a hook in the shed.
    The stove is a good idea although I have a cup before going there. As it’s only a few minutes walk away plus I’m only there for a couple of hours at most I’m okay until I get home. I usually take a cold drink and some fruit at the moment.

  3. nikkipolani says:

    That’s a handsome shed, Flighty. I’ve long wanted one for easier storage of garden-related stuff, but for now…

  4. flightbuff says:

    Nikki thanks, I think that it’ll make a fine Flighty’s Shed ! I presume that one is on your wants list ?

  5. cha0tic says:

    Just heard that what I think is your part of the World was the warmest place in the UK today. You lucky bugger 🙂

  6. flightbuff says:

    Cha0tic lucky for some, but I don’t like it much over 20 or so. The forecast for the weekend is even hotter, which means that I won’t be doing any digging!
    Have a good weekend. Cheers!

  7. Fabulous says:

    We have no room in our garden for a shed. Just a little side alley.
    If i had a shed i think i would put pink curtains and a tea pot in it. Then i can retreat when i feel the need to get away. x

  8. flightbuff says:

    Fabulous that is the problem with small gardens.
    Your ‘shed’ sounds rather nice. Take care xx

  9. A very fine shed indeed, sheds are like handbags, the bigger they are the more junk they carry and the less easy it is to find anything anything.
    If you do decide to up grade to a potting shed you could use this one as a sentry box to shelter from the rain.

  10. flightbuff says:

    Uphilldowndale I believe that’s also known as the tardis effect!
    It does look a bit like a sentry box doesn’t it.

  11. cha0tic says:

    I thought of another thing you need for your shed. A cheap tranny. Er, I mean a transistor radio. Taking a break, sitting on your chair in the sun, with radio 4 quietly burbling away. You know it makes sense.

  12. flightbuff says:

    Cha0tic it’s on the list as it does indeed make sense!

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