Garden of Sunflowers

Sunday sunflowers

It’s grey, wet and windy today so I wouldn’t be surprised if I find that the three sunflowers I’ve managed to grow this year have toppled over.  I’ve missed having plenty on the plot as they are one of my favourites, and really do bring out the happy child in me.  Needless to say I’m already thinking about next year when I’m determined to grow lots again.


Jo’s A Sunny Sunflower Giveaway Win post last Thursday on Through the Keyhole included this lovely Garden of Sunflowers poem which I’ve never come across before.

Garden of Sunflowers

Have a good week!

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Margo’s poppies

My plot neighbour Margo was on holiday during June and asked me to keep an eye on her plot whilst she was away.

I did but walking round one day I realised that she’d miss seeing all the poppies flowering so I took a few photos and have done this post so that we can all share them with her.

Margo's poppies

Have a good weekend!

[Click on the picture to see a larger image]

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Squash, gladioli and a Comma

Squash, butternutOne of the squashes I’m growing I was given by plot neighbour Margo who I thought said that it was a butternut but looking at the shape and size of it I’m not so sure!

Squash 'Jack be Little'Another one that I’ve grown from seed is Jack be Little which has several palm of the hand size fruit.

I’m really just growing these for fun as I’m not fussed about eating them and will probably give the fruit away. Although they need plenty of space and invariably end up with powdery mildew I’ll probably try a different variety next year.

The gladioli didn’t do at all well last year so I bought two new varieties – a mostly pink one and the other white and yellow – both of which are now in flower.

Pink and white gladioli   White and yellow gladioli

There are still lots of butterflies around and I was pleased to see, and photograph, this Comma resting on a dwarf French bean leaf.

Comma butterfly

Have a good week!

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These two herbs…

I grow just as decorative plants, and for the wildlife.

The borage (Borago officinalis) has small star-shaped blue flowers.

Borage flowers

Common fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) grows to around six feet with feathery blue-green foliage and yellow flowers that seem to float in the air.

Fennel flowers

Have a good weekend!


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It was still…

too hot to plot last week so all I did was to go there straight after breakfast for a couple of hours to do any essential watering, along with some harvesting and a general look round.

Large and small potatoes 'Kestrel'The second early potatoes Charlotte and Kestrel that I’ve been digging up have been excellent for quality and quantity. Here’s the biggest one so far, which weighs over 300 grams, along with one the size of an egg for comparison.

Dwarf French beans, runner beans and a courgetteI picked several lots of dwarf French beans Safari, the first few runner beans, a couple of cucumbers Marketmore and a courgette.

BlackberriesI’m picking a container full of big, juicy blackberries every visit.

Onions 'Red  Baron' and Sturon'This coming week I will start lifting the onions Red Baron and Sturon, some of which are a really good size.

There’s fruit on the tomatoes and the first tassels are just starting to appear on the sweetcorn.

So not bad at all so far.  That just leaves the carrots Royal Chantenay which I’ll be sowing tomorrow, to hopefully harvest in October.

The rose Pretty Lady has been flowering continuously since mid May.

Rose 'Pretty  Lady' bloomsToday has been slightly cooler and fresher which, thankfully, looks set to continue well into next week so perhaps I’ll be able to do some proper plotting again.

Have a good week!

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And what is colour like?

Flighty's flowersYou may remember that back in April I mentioned doing a guest post A Good Cause for the wonderful Living Paintings charity

I did another one Garden Jewels in late June, that I forgot to mention, and have just done a third one And what is colour like?

As you’ll see this latest one includes a poem which I did as a post on my long gone blog BookBuffs for National Poetry Day 6th October 2005!

It’s still been too hot to plot this week but I have been there daily after breakfast for a short while, and picked the first few runner beans today. More on that in my next post on Sunday.

Have a good weekend!

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Too hot to plot

My last visit was a brief one on Thursday morning since when it’s been noticeably hot and humid, and also rather wet at times.

I was pleased to see the first of the white cosmos and another sunflower.

White cosmos  Another sunflower

Earlier in the week I finally got to photograph a Gatekeeper butterfly.

Gatekeeper butterfly on blackberry bush

Don’t forget that the Big Butterfly Count started yesterday and continues through to Sunday 10th August.

Temperatures look like continuing in the high 20’s C (around 80F)  for most of the coming week so it looks like I won’t be doing more than essential watering and looking round.

Stay cool and have a good week!

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