A happy birthday…

to Nikkipolani. You’ll remember last year my rose Pretty Lady hadn’t started flowering in time for your birthday whereas this year it’s been in full bloom for the past few weeks.

I’ve chosen these for you, and hope that you have a lovely day.  xx

Happy birthday Nikki


Rose 'Pretty Lady' fully open

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Pleasurably plotting

I took the cucumber, squash and tomato plants to the plot early last week where I left them out during each day to harden off, and in plot neighbour Mary’s greenhouse overnight. I planted them out on Friday, and resorted to scattering some slug pellets around the cucumber and squashes.  I wasn’t there yesterday so I was relieved to see that they were all were okay this morning.

A plot robinLate on Thursday afternoon whilst cutting some of the grass paths and dead-heading the rose I was pleased that a robin kept me company.  This morning I cut the comfrey down to ground level then added it to the compost heap, and whilst doing this the robin watched me from the rim of the old metal dustbin.  At times it was less than an arm’s length away.

With the comfrey gone the raspberry bushes will now get much needed air and sunlight.

The raspberries

The first raspberryAnd look what I found round the other side out of sight!  Needless to say it was delicious and there are plenty more to come.

The week ahead looks like being mostly dry and warm so I’ll be sowing beans, sweetcorn, other vegetables and more flowers.

White love-in-a-mistThe white love-in-a-mist (nigella damascena) is looking really good at present.

Happy gardening, and have a good week!

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It’s been another …

unsettled week with not enough sunshine and plenty of rain. However helping to make up for that have been some colourful flowers, soft fruit and wildlife.

I didn’t see the bee in this poppy picture until I was looking at ones I’d downloaded.

Oriental poppy and bee

I picked and ate the first strawberry, which was as delicious as it looked.

The first strawberry

I saw this male Azure Damselfly on the crocosmia leaves but it had flitted across to the adjacent plot before I could take a picture of it.

Male Azure Damselfly

Have a good weekend!

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I’m happier now…

that the weather has improved and I’ve done some plotting the past few mornings.

White love-in-a-mist and green beetleI forgot to mention that a couple of weeks ago I was weeding and disturbed a rather distinctive Cinnebar moth, which is one that I’ve not seen before.  Today the dog rose was covered in ladybirds which was good to see,  on one of the first white love-in-a-mist flowers was a bright green Flower beetle and a blue butterfly fluttered past me disappearing into the potato foliage.

The rose 'Pretty Lady'  in full flower.


The rose Pretty Lady would normally be just starting to flower now but has been blooming for the past couple of weeks, and I’ve already started dead-heading it.

It provides a real focal point and various people have stopped to look, smell and talk about it yesterday and today.


Collomia grandiflora flowers


The other flowers that are really looking good are the collomia grandiflora.  This picture shows how small the flowers are. See also the new header picture.

This coming week, weather permitting, I’ll be sowing and resowing various flower and vegetable seeds. I’ll also be planting my cucumbers, squashes and tomatoes.

Happy gardening, and have a good week!


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I do hope that

It’s not been easy to keep smiling since last Sunday’s post as the internet connections got worse again, and the problem wasn’t fully sorted out until yesterday lunch-time, and the  weather has been rather miserable the past few days so I haven’t been plotting.

Snail on the oriental poppyI went to the plot earlier today just for a look round and although it all looks lush a closer inspection reveals that the slugs and, more noticeably, snails have been eating almost everything including pot marigolds and potatoes.


A well nibbled pot marigold Nibbled potato foliage

Lots of flower seedlings and nearly a complete row of dwarf French beans have simply disappeared.

I do hope that it’s not going to be one of those years!

It’s dry today and thankfully the forecast is looking better so hopefully I’ll doing some plotting, and be in a better mood.

Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!

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I’m still smiling…

despite the internet connection problems that I mentioned on Friday, and which have now mostly been resolved thankfully.

The weather has been rather unsettled over the past few days with plenty of rain so I’ve not been able to do much plotting either.

Luckily I borrowed a couple of recently published quirky crime novels from the library on Friday which I’m looking forward to reading.

Here are three off plot pictures that I hope will make you smile.

I saw this Painted Lady butterfly last Wednesday on a neighbouring plot -

Painted Lady butterfly

How about this frothy white tree blossom that I photographed this morning -

White blossom

And lastly plot neighbour Trevor kindly showed me his fluffy little two day old chick -

Two day old chick


Have a good week!

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Phone line problems…

over the past couple of days has meant that my internet connection has become slow or intermittent at best.

I’ve done various checks and things as suggested to no avail so I’m now waiting on a BT engineer who will hopefully turn up tomorrow afternoon and sort it out.

If I don’t post, reply to comments here or comment on friend’s blogs over the next few days then please assume that the problem has not been resolved and got worse.




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