More butterflies and new flowers

It’s been the best year yet for the handful of blue lavender plants alongside the path from the hawthorn to the shed.  Not only are they covered in fragrant flowers but I’m amazed at how many butterflies that I’ve seen on them in the past couple of weeks.

Comma butterflyYesterday morning there were several Small Skippers and Small Tortoiseshells, as pictured in recent posts,  along with this Comma and a Large White. There was also a Gatekeeper which fluttered off before I could take a picture.


Large White butterfly









Omphalodes linifolia

Included in the annual flowers that I sowed in the spring were two that were new to me.  According to Chiltern Seeds catalogue the Ompalodes linifolia grows to 18 inches but my few plants are considerably shorter.  The flowers are tiny, no bigger than my small fingernail, and noticeably whiter than white. I like them and may well grown it again, perhaps in a container.

Saponaria vaccaria 'Pink Beauty'The other one is Saponaria vaccaria Pink Beauty which grows to around 2 feet.  I like these as well and it’s another plant that I may well grow again in the future.

Both are excellent for cut flowers if you’re looking for something a bit different.

Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!

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Vegetables, butterflies and an award

Potatoes 'Charlotte'The foliage on most of the second early, or salad, potatoes Charlotte has now died right back so this morning I had a firkle (or furtle if you prefer) around one plant and was pleased to find these good looking, and sized, tubers along with plenty of others that were smaller.

Broad beans 'Witkiem Manita'

I didn’t grow many broad beans Witkiem Manita, and at one stage nearly gave up on them. I’m glad that I didn’t as there are now plenty of large pods each containing a handful of good sized beans.

Onions and tomato flowersThe onions are looking okay, and flowers have started to appear on some of the tomatoes.

Courgette plantAll the sweetcorn seeds germinated except one, one is noticeably small and another has been nibbled but the rest are doing okay. The dwarf French beans and runner beans are all growing well.  This is the courgette plant that I was given.

Small Skipper butterfly

There are still plenty of Small Tortoiseshell butterflies around

I’ve also seen some Small Skippers like this.

I’ve only seen one or two white butterflies, but they’ve been been very fluttery so I’ve not managed to take any photos of one yet.


Here’s another of the pot marigolds. This time it’s an almost dusky pink coloured one.

An almost dusky pink pot marigold

Versatile blogger award


Lastly Twitter friend Debs (@girlontheplot) very kindly nominated me for a Versatile Blogger award in her blog post last week, and in turn I will do a post about it sometime soon.

Happy gardening, and have a good week!

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PS – I did a post World War One over on Sofa flying yesterday.

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Chicory flowers…

are definitely another Flighty’s favourite.

Chicory flowers

Have  a good weekend!


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It’s now the time of year…

when I start bringing home more from the the plot than I take there.   For instance yesterday I bought home some first early potatoes Vales Emerald, a few broad beans Witkiem Manita,  a couple of beetroot Ruby Queen, more raspberries and strawberries.

First early potatoes 'Vales Emerald'    Broad beans at last    Beetroot

Each day I go there are more flowers to be seen. As usual it’s the pot marigolds (calendula officinalis) that are providing the brightest colours. Here are two single colour varieties,  hot orange and lemon yellow.

Orange pot marigold  Yellow pot marigold

On Friday I was taking a last look round, camera in hand,  before heading for home when I spotted this Small Tortoiseshell butterfly on the potato foliage.

Small tortoishell butterfly on potato foliage

All these more than make up for the various difficulties encountered at times that are the rather less joyful part of allotmenteering.

Happy gardening, and have a good week!

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Flighty’s plot flowers

As I mentioned on Monday it’s British Flowers Week so here are a few of this week’s Flighty’s plot flowers.

This Pot Marigold (Calendula offinalis)  is definitely a Flighty’s favourite -

Orange tipped pale yellow pot marigold

I sowed these California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) just a couple of months ago.

Yellow California poppies

Among the orange and yellow ones are a few white ones.

White California poppy

These are main-crop potato Desiree and  butternut squash flowers.

Potato flowers  Squash flower

Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!



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British Flowers Week 2014

Blue and white love-in-a-mistI forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that today is the start of British Flowers Week 2014, which continues through to Friday. Click on the link to see what it’s all about.

Wellywoman did this good post all about it earlier today, and included a chance to win a copy of her excellent book The Cut Flower Patch.

For lots of great flower photos have a look at Kate Spicer Photography’s post A Week in the Life of a British Flower Grower.

If you get the opportunity then please support this event, even if you only buy a bunch of British Flowers.


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If you can’t grow these,

The first nasturtium, 2014you’d better give up gardening as a hobby!

I not only smile when I read this in the Chiltern Seeds catalogue mentioned under Tropaeolum majus Tom Thumbbut I’m also relieved when the first flower appears as it did last week.


The first pot marigold, 2014



The pot marigolds have also started flowering, so expect to see plenty of pictures of all the different variations that will undoubtedly appear.

Julie,  of Dragonfly Gems, also likes these as you can see on her Blooms and First Harvests post.


There was a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly flitting around the plot on Friday morning, mostly on the blackberry flowers and roses, before it settled to rest for a while over by the log pile as pictured here.  I later also took a photo of it on a blackberry flower.

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly resting   Small Tortoiseshell butterfly on a blackberry flower

I’ve not done a Tree Following post this month but if you want to see how other trees are doing that fellow bloggers are following then there are over forty links listed on Lucy’s post Tree Following Link Box for June 7th.

Lastly thanks to Veg Plotting for doing the fun Shows of Hands for Chelsea Fringe 2014. Here’s her Shows of Hands Finale post, which includes a slide show.

From my friend Jake, seen here resting in the sunshine, and me have a good week!

Jake enjoying the sunshine


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